Friday, July 20, 2012

A tragedy happened today

It is a tragedy that today at the AMC in Colorado… as it was a tragedy that happened to Gabby Gifford in Phoenix… as it was a tragedy that happened in front of the movie theatre in Oakland and a tragedy for every young person who is a victim of gun violence. It was a tragedy that happened at Virginia Tech and a tragedy that happened at Columbine. It was a tragedy when Ronald Reagan was shot and when JFK was assassinated. But the biggest tragedy is that through all these years we would rather accept those tragedies rather than demand change.
The reaction among all groups is predictable. Fox will blame the Hollywood Media for glorifying violence. They call fpr unrealistic protection at movie theaters. The MSNBC crowd will call for greater gun control. The NRA will call for all citizens to carry guns, and the gun owners will run to the ammo stores to stock up on weapons fearing their rights to own guns will be imperiled. 
We can only make changes if we agree that there is a solvable solution. First the liberals must admit that gun owners have a legitimate right to ownership. Banning guns as other civilized nations will never work here. We cannot remove the millions of guns from the streets. There are legitimate reasons for ownership including hunting, sportsmanship and self protection.  Liberals must publicly declare that we will never attempt to remove gun ownership from responsible parties.  This should have a calming effect on gun owners and help them to see that it is their own self interest in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable. We must by pass those in power like the NRA and speak American to American who share a common goal of reducing violence.
If we cannot make changes now than a  l we can do is wait for the next event were the headlines will read  A Tragedy Happened  today at…”